We are hosting our first regional Pandemic Survival tournament on April 29 at 10:30 AM during International TableTop Day! Winners will receive a prize (TBA) and a spot at the National Championships at GenCon.

To register, email us with the names of your team’s two players. We need a minimum of 6 teams of 2 people each to make this an offical tournament, so tell your friends!

More info from Z-Man Games:

Pandemic Survival is an extreme version of Pandemic where teams of 2 players face each other simultaneously with the same objective in mind: be the first team to find all four cures or be the sole survivor at the end of the game.

During this unique experience, each team will face the same starting situation: identical roles, infected cities, and the same player cards in the same order. Only their strategic choices will differentiate them and prove to be a winning or losing strategy. In addition to this, all the tournament material was thought out in order to add to the experience.

Pandemic Survival – Rules & Regulations