8dxp8th Dimension now has a way for you to earn “real-life experience points” – known as 8DXP – on every gaming purchase! When you set up an account with us, you can begin accruing 8DXP. It’s free to set up your account – similar to setting up a comic book subscription. In fact, if you already are an 8th Dimension subscriber, you can use that account for your 8DXP.

For every $10 you spend in the gaming department, you will receive 1 XP. Our system tracks your purchases so, for example, if you spend $15 on gaming items one day, you will get one point. If you spend $6 in a subsequent transaction, you get another point because you will have hit the next $10 increment. Next time you come in, you will have 2 8DXP to use toward your purchase, or you can choose to bank them and keep building up 8DXP.

Your 8DXP can be used for discounts on future transactions. That’s right – the discount can be applied to a whole transaction, not just a single item!

Here’s the breakdown:

  • 3 points = 2% discount
  • 5 points = 4% discount
  • 7 points = 6% discount
  • 10 points = 8% discount
  • 20 points = 15% discount
  • 25 points = 20% discount

Ready to start earning 8DXP? Talk to an 8th Dimension staff member about setting up your account today! (If you have a comic book subscription with us, you’re already set, so take advantage of it!)